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Welcome to the official author's site of Daniel Cure


Who is Daniel Cure?


Welcome to my official website! Here, you will find details of my historical novels and young adult thrillers, together with the latest news and links to a variety of content.

I have been writing and publishing novels for several years, beginning with the very first Will Monohue young adult thriller, The Road to Inheritance, the Will Monohue sequel, Raphael and the first in the Jack Templeman historical series, The Silver Knight. The Silver Knight is set in the historical backdrop of the Wars in the Roses in Medieval England. You can read a bit more about my background and how I began writing in this section of the website, entitled who is Daniel Cure?

I currently have three published novels and I'm always working on new material, which is why I started a blog in which to post my updates. If you follow my official authors blog, you will latest news, views and writing progress...


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For a variety of reasons, I have decided to self-publish my novels. Although you can still obtain my first book, The Road to Inheritance at Amazon, all of my novels are available at my online store, which is managed and distributed by the excellent and world-renowned publishing company Lulu, at

For those of you who are looking for further content, you may be interested to view the promotional videos to my books, which are available at YouTube. Click these links to watch the promotional clips for The Road to Inheritance and The Silver Knight - both videos are also downloadable to iTunes from Google Videos if you have an iPod you wish to view them on! Here's a link to a review of the Silver Knight.

I also run a Twitter page and have profiles at MySpace and Facebook

Thank you for visiting my official authors site – I hope you find what you are looking for and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions – please email me at or contact via Twitter at
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Who is Daniel Cure?

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